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Do I Need A Lawyer For A Dog Bite In Allentown, Pennsylvania?

Choosing to hire a Allentown dog bite injury attorney is an important decision. Failure to hire a dog bite attorney can result in not receiving the dog bite settlement you deserve. Your dog bite settlement is to pay for your lost wages,medical expenses, and future medical bills. If you are still asking, "Do I Need A Lawyer For A Dog Bite In Allentown, Pennsylvania?", it is wise to at least consult with an experienced dog bite lawyer in Allentown. A dog bite legal expert will evaluate your options. Most dog bite personal injury lawyers offer a free consultation. Most dog bite lawyer fees in Allentown are billed as a contingency fee. This means you pay only if you are awarded a dog bite settlement . The dog bite attorney fee is generally a percentage of the dog bite settlement.

Every dog bite lawsuit in Allentown is different. A reputable and experienced Allentown personal injury attorney would never guarantee specific results. People represented by lawyers generally receive larger settlements than those without. This is even taking into account dog bite lawyer fees. Often, dog bite legal expert is required to evaluate the validity of the case, calculatea fair dog bite settlement amount , and put appropriate legal pressure on the insurance company to pay you a fair dog bite settlement. Filing a dog bite lawsuit is sometimes, but not always, necessary. Allentown's Best Dog Bite Lawyers can walk you through this often complicated process.

Read this law students review on Pennsylvania Dog Laws.

The Pennsylvania Dog Laws, especially those in regards to Dangerous Dogs, are quite controversial. There has been a significant amount of court action put into the interpretation of the laws, as well as action on behalf of the Legislature to make their intentions in drafting these statutes clear. It has effectively been established that criminally, the owners of dogs are not granted leniency of “one free bite” before being convicted of the summary offense of harboring a dangerous dog. Prior to the 1996 amendments the courts had previously found this common law, “one free bite,” rule applicable to criminal cases. It was for this reason that the Legislature felt it necessary to enact the amendments to make clear that they did not intend this “one free bite” rule to apply before convicting a defendant of harboring a dangerous dog. However, civilly the “one free bite” rule still exists and allows the dog, in effect, a “free bite” before its owner is held civilly liable for the animal’s behavior. It has also been established by the courts that not only viciousness makes an dog a dangerous dog. A large, overly-friendly dog that may jump on someone and hurt them is considered just as dangerous as a vicious dog that

would bite, and therefore the owners of said “overly-friendly” dog are guilty of harboring a dangerous dog.


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